With 25 years of experience, Rainbow Computer Technology provides economical print and mail solutions from start to finish. Our specialty is reconditioned high-end production printers, inserters, and pre & post finishing equipment.  Additionally, Rainbow offers professional and preventative service programs, parts and consumables. 


Our commitment to providing sustainable equipment and protecting the environment exemplifies our approach to social responsibility. Rainbow is responsibly sourced to eliminate waste and reduce energy consumption through reconditioned equipment and service programs.  When we buy, recondition and resell equipment, we're helping to reduce landfill waste.

Rainbow's social responsibility includes sustainability practices that go far beyond reduced landfills through refurbished equipment.  Optimizing best practices through Preventative Maintenance Service Programs result in the reduction and overuse of:

  1. Ink and Toner  

  2. Paper Waste

  3. Electricity Usage

  4. Recycling Costs

  5. Labor