Our Process

Rainbow Computer Technology's large, in-house Technical Center provides significant advantages for reconditioning, servicing and repairing printing and inserting equipment.  Our 5-step approach ensures the reconditioned equipment we sell functions like a new machine.  Professionally reconditioned for long term reliability.

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Step 1

  • First we unpack the machine and perform a thorough completeness check through our audit and inspection process.

  • We check overall condition of each printer or inserter to insure there are no signs of transit, panel or frame damage.

  • Machines in acceptable condition have their covers removed to give our experienced technicians complete access to start our reconditioning process.

  • Machines in unacceptable cosmetic condition are fully tested and broken down for parts.

Step 2

  • All internal parts and assemblies are removed down to the frame of each machine.

  • Several different types of vacuums are used to remove all dust, toner, oils and developer from every crack and crevice.

  • Each assembly and part is individually cleaned by an expert technician.

  • Assemblies undergo external tests for functionality and wear.

  • Assemblies that meet our high standards are re-installed – those that don’t are replaced with new parts.

Step 3

  • Preventative maintenance parts in the machine are removed and replaced with new.

  • This includes filters, seals, rollers, drums, belts, bearings, flanges, pulleys and other items.

  • Preventative maintenance items play a key role in functionality, quality and reliability of the machine – any item that doesn’t meet our stringent standards is replaced.

Step 4

  • Our Technicians reassemble the machines and run all diagnostic routines on your machine to ensure it is fully functional and bug-free.

  • The machine is then powered up for a thorough test sessions involving thousands of pages and pieces to ensure top quality.

Step 5

  • Once the machine is fully tested and passes the quality control process checklist the machine goes through a final clean process then disassembled and crated for shipment. 

  • Any faulty items identified during the final stage and test process are replaced until the machine operates at full quality to insure reliability.

At Rainbow, we pride ourselves on delivering superior performance and long term functionality in every printer and inserter we work on.  Our local reconditioning center allows us to maintain an unparalleled level of quality control.  By partnering with a professional paint company, we ensure all printers and inserters operate efficiently, producing optimal results.  

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Testing Reconditioned Machines