Founded in 1994, Rainbow Computer Technology provides solutions for the print and mail industries.  Our capabilities match or exceed every print and insert reconditioning company across the region.  Rainbow has helped launch new business ventures and helped companies find more cost-effective ways to do business.  By changing with the times we have become a catalyst for incorporating printer and inserter service programs with all our equipment sales.
What has remained constant, however, is the minds, hearts, and energy of our people.  We're passionate about making a used machine new again. We keep it simple. We listen. We customize.  We deliver. We don't make promises we can't keep. We are honest and affordable. 

"Helping customers save money by buying good quality, reconditioned equipment just feels right.  Don't get me wrong, new equipment is wonderful, but it's not realistic for everyone.  That's where Rainbow becomes a player in the print and mail industries by offering quality solutions like equipment, service, parts and consumables at a reasonable cost."  Mike Goede, Owner and CEO of Rainbow Computer Technology

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Mike Goede
Owner & CEO
Ryan Douglas
Anne Anderson
 Mark Nord         Product Manager