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for high-production, continuous form and ink jet printers. 

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Rainbow Computer Technology will purchase your used equipment.  Tell us what equipment you have and we will provide current market values.  Our large inventory levels of equipment is paramount for reselling refurbished printing equipment.  Whether it be leading edge technology or older machines for parts, Rainbow is a source for your gently used equipment.

Rainbow has the technical ability to recondition printers to optimize production results and speeds.


Ricoh InfoPrint

Models 3300,4000, 4100

  • Black and White  

  • Inkjet Printers

  • Toner Based  

  • Reconditioned

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Ricoh IP 5000.JPG

Ricoh InfoPrint



  • CMYK  

  • Inkjet Printers

  • Continuous Form

  • Reconditioned

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Screen Truepress.JPG

Screen Truepress


Jet520S Printer

  • CMYK  

  • Inkjet Printers

  • Continuous Form

  • Reconditioned

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Kodak goes with Fluid Station.1.jpg


Kodak VT3000

  • Versamark

  • Reconditioned

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Kodak goes with Fluid Station.jpg

Fluid Controller


  • Versamark  

  • Reconditioned

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Kodak Fluid Station.jpg

Fluid Station

Kodak Scitec 

  • Versamark

  • CMYK 

  • Reconditioned

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ink blot.png

Need Drums or Toner?


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Rigorous QA tests

ensure high production rates and top-notch functionality for efficient optimization.

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Reconditioned Continuous Form Printers

  • Infoprint 3000, 3300  ES1, ED1, ED2

  • Infoprint 4000 ID1, ID2, ID3, ID4, ID5, ID6  &  IBM 4000 id1, id2, id3, id4, id5, id6

  • Infoprint 4000 IR1, IR2, IR3, IR4  &  IBM 4000 ir1, ir2, ir3, ir4

  • Infoprint 4000 IS1, IS2

  • Infoprint 4100 HD1, HD2, HD3, HD4  &  IBM 4100 hd1-2, hd3-4

  • Infoprint 4100 HS1 and PS1

  • Oce' Variostream 7000 series

  • PageStream 372 Plus  Oce' ps372

  • PageStream 466 Plus  Oce' ps466

  • PageStream 744 Plus  Oce' ps744

  • PageStream 932 Plus  Oce' ps932

  • Oce' VS7450, VS7550, VS7560

  • Xerox DP425, DP850, DP525, DP1050

  • Xerox CF650, CF1300


Reconditioned Color Ink Jet Printers

  • Ricoh Infoprint 5000

  • HP-T Series

  • Screen Truepress

  • Kodak

  • Canon Oce' ColorStream

Rainbow Computer Technology's specialty is reconditioned continuous feed production printers, inserters, and pre/post equipment.  Whether you're looking to purchase or lease, our staff will get you exactly what you need. 


We operate by breaking down gently used machines to their shell, replacing all used parts with new and performing numerous QA tests.  Because we recondition equipment instead of scrapping we are responsibly sourced to minimize landfill waste and reduce energy consumption.