Lease Programs

Minimize Costs, Maximize Results by Leasing Reconditioned Printers and Inserters 

Leasing Equipment Makes Sense

Rainbow Computer Technology leases printers and inserters and helps you reduce up front equipment costs and ongoing equipment maintenance.  When you buy equipment, you own it.  By leasing, you eliminate the need to purchase big ticket items that crush profits.  When you are in need of parts or service, we have you covered.  Flexible lease programs allow for monthly or quarterly services, entirely customizable by you.  Eliminate those big upfront costs and keep your money where it is needed.  

How it Works

Rainbow will work with you from start to finish when you sign up for a lease program.  We'll deliver the equipment, perform the installation, and train your employees how to operate the equipment and perform daily best practices.   


Give us a call and let's discuss your operation and help design a flexible, customized lease program to meet your needs.  By working together we'll get you exactly what you need.